Monday, October 29, 2012

Things to know about soda and sports drinks!


   Did you know that just 1 12oz can of soda contains between 10 & 12 teaspoons of sugar, and that a sports drink contains even more sugar than a soda does. Both soda and sports drinks can cause enamel damage to your teeth. Soda only takes 20 minutes for it to start disolving tooth enamel. Continuous sipping of both drinks continually bathes teeth in sugar, which is a perfect breeding ground for plaque.Heavy consumption of soda and sports drinks is linked to tooth decay.

   No one is saying stop drinking these all together even just cutting down the amount you drink will be better for your oral health. However none of these is even better, but in our fast moving lives we understand you will go for something quick on the go. Makes sure to keep all your regular oral hygiene appointments to help keep your teeth nice and healthy.

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